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Bucharest, Romania, December, 22-23, 2003
'Politehnica' University of Bucharest, Faculty of Electronics and Tc.,
Cladirea LEU sala A210

Program of talks (50 min allowed for each talks; talks will be followed by discussions):

Monday, December 22, 9.30-14.30 (Sala A210)

1. Oleg ANGELSKY (National University of Chernivtsi, Ukraine)
“Surface roughness measurements in nanotechnology"
2. Igor MOKHUN (National University of Chernivtsi, Ukraine)
“Polarization singularities and angular momentum of electromagnetic field”
3. Adrian ALEXANDRESCU (‘Politehnica' University of Bucharest, Romania, & ICFO-Institute of Photonic Sciences, Barcelona, Spain)
“Characterization of entangled two-photon states”

Tuesday, December 23, 9.30-14.30 (Sala A210)

1. Dan APOSTOL, Petre Catalin LOGOFATU, Victor NASCOV (National Institute of Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Bucharest)
"Nanometrology, goals and two examples: Sensitivity optimized scatterometry for nanolithography; Accuracy limit of optical interferometry for nanometrology”
2. Dan COJOC (‘Politehnica' University of Bucharest, Romania)
“Dynamic multiple optical trapping by means of diffractive optical elements”
3. Enzo DI FABRIZIO (TASC – INFM National Laboratory, Trieste, Italy)
“Nanotechnology: goals, difficulties, requirements and applications”

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