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Research network on mixed technologies for micro / nano photonics

General info

: to create a critical mass based on recognized research groups with different expertise in this field and to provide a platform to its academic and industrial partners for sharing and integrating research facilities and research know-how in the field of mixed technologies for micro / nano photonics.

The network intends to  integrate state-of-the-art research infrastructure resulting from strategic institutional and national investment programs in the last 5-7 years and will create a trans-disciplinary partnership, combining excellence in different scientific areas: chemistry, physics, materials science, photonics, chemical engineering, nano and technologies, etc.


. to build long-lasting relationships in which the partners can focus their resources and their core competence and infrastructure while relying on other partners for complementary competence and infrastructure
2 . to educate graduate and Ph.D. students for a professional career in the fields of optical communication and microphotonics and training of researchers and engineers
3 . to disseminate results and contribute to technological innovation through cooperation with industry.
4 . to co-operate with other networks


National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies (IMT Bucharest) – Micro and nano-Photonics Laboratory

National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics – Laser Department

‘Politehnica’ University of Bucharest – Optoelectronics Research Center (UPB-CCO)

‘I.G. Murgulescu’ Institute for Physic Chemistry – Oxide Materials Science Laboratory

‘A.I Cuza’ University of Iasi



In conjunction with the partners, facilities are available for mask-making, electrical and optical testing. In addition, the Optoelectronics Research Center has been developed for the following programs: semiconductor laser modules for fiber optic communications; high power pulsed semiconductor laser; semiconductor laser measurement equipments; diffractive and waveguide optics; computer workstation for analysis and ASAP 8.0


Multiple SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) Sensors

Optical Method for Constructive Measurements of Interdigital Transducers

Light Power Measurements in a Large Spectral Range (700 -1800 nm)

Laser Diodes for Fiber Optic Communication (1310nm and 1550nm)

High sensitivity and high speed silicon photodetectors

High accuracy 3D positioners


Cristea Ionica, Senior Researcher in the optoelectronics laboratory , UPB-CCO (room A 202)

Grosu Neculai Ph.D in the optoelectronics laboratory,
UPB-CCO (room A 210)